REALITY TIME #87 with SUGAR MINOTT this Sunday on

The sensational SUGAR MINOTT is this weeks special guest on REALITY TIME this Sunday on Hosted by the furious DJ Kurious and might MC Taiyefoon, REALITY TIME brings you the latest reggae news, culture and exclusive interviews each Sunday on Bigupradio’s 24/7 dancehall station. Origionally one of the AFRICAN BROTHERS, crossover powerhouse artist SUGAR MINOTT has been rocking the dancehall and roots vibes for decades. His voice is sweet like “Sugar” and has the power to both move and soothe. One of the truly greatest reggae singers of all times well, we can can just go on all day giving SUGAR MINOTT praise. Classic smashes include: “Buy Out The Bar,” “Hard Time Pressure,” “Herbsman Hustling,” “Nice It Up” and the list goes on and on. Catch this special feature and interview on REALITY TIME this Sunday! ONE LOVE


Lincoln Sugar Minott was born in Kingston on May 25, 1956. He virtually grew up in a dancehall, living next door to a sound system on Chisholm Avenue. Graduating from Kingston College Extension School at the age of 19 after attending Melrose Primary, he actually believed that football would be his calling as he was an excellent goal keeper. After a stint at electrical engineering, which he quickly abandoned opting to follow his love for music, he followed various sound systems and eventually became a selector for a small sound system called Sounds of Silence Keystone.
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