KNOTTY DREAD RADIO #24 features dancehall powerhouse BRAMMA on presents dancehall powerhouse BRAMMA this Thursday on KNOTTY DREAD RADIO. Hosted by Jah Marvin, KNOTTY DREAD RADIO is a weekly dancehall show that features the best of the best dancehall. Recent hits include “Value Of A Lady,” “Run Fi Him Life,” “Battlefield” and many more. The young dancehall star BRAMMA has been on the rise for the last several years releasing slamming dancehall singles. Find out all you need to know Wednesday! Tune into BigUpRadio Dancehall this Thursday! ONE LOVE


Well Ladies!!! it is your turn for sure yes!!! this one is for you VALUE OF A LADY is not the regular “gal” tune but a reminder for all thugs, fathers, sons, brothers, nephews ” all a de man dem” that the ladies are important in the society. Here a yard women and children are often victims of some brutal crimes some of which are committed by young men. As a young youth and the only child for his mother, BRAMMA uses this opportunity to appeal to his peers, to ease up on the slaying of women and children and be more respectful of them. He said “Dem nuh know de pain it tek fi have a baby”. Bramma also highlighted some great women such as Rosa Parks and Princess Di, powerful women of Jamaica such as Portia (Prime Minister) and Babsy Grange (Opposition MP) who came from humble beginnings to become successful role models. VALUE OF A LADY is another creative effort from this Dancehall artiste. The track is produced by an outstanding young producer in the business, Jordon McClure of The Chimney Records “new kid on da bloc” who is already working with some major Reggae and Dancehall artistes. He creates a smooth, trendy international reggae sound that often time would come across as live music. His rhythms are BADD!! so keep all eyes and ears open for much more popular beats created by Jordon. “VALUE OF A LADY” is Bramma”s official introduction of himself to his female fans there is a lot more to expect from this artiste, jus keep it locked to right here on myspace.

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