REGGAE MAKOSSA #65 features the MIDNITE on Roots

Wednesday Dec. 27th reggae powerhouse MIDNITE pays a visit to REGGAE MAKOSSA on Roots. Straight outta St. Croix comes the strong reggae roots sound of MIDNITE. MIDNITE has been touring the globe playing crucial heavy roots reggae. Recently MIDNITE teamed up with Oakland’s top reggae label LUSTRE KINGS to release the amazing album “Infinite Quality.” REGGAE MAKOSSA is hosted by the world famous Makeda Dread. The show airs Thursday, December 27th on the Steady Rockin’ Roots station. Don’t miss this special interview and feature with MIDNITE! Tune in this and every Thursday for the REGGAE MAKOSSA show! ONE LOVE

New Album in Stores Now!
MIDNITE – “Infinite Quality”


We live in a world that accepts American hip-hop as authentic but American reggae as flaccid. Sort of like looking for french fries in Chinatown–sure you can find it, but it’s not the best, so why bother? American reggae has had a hard time finding an international audience that deem their music as authentic and as real as Marley, Tosh, or Beenie Man. There are subtle yet reinforced reminders that only real reggae comes from Jamaica, and no other place has the ability to produce talent that competes with the homegrown originals of Jamaican music. The charts, DJs and journalists constantly remind us of whose riddim and whose song is #1 in Jamaica. The award shows always hone in on strictly Jamaican reggae artists and therefore omit a great market and talent that is out there, pumping out great reggae music just the same. The time has come, for the many who thought only good authentic reggae comes from Jamaica– to bite their tongues.

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