Marlon Asher’s dedication to Kenya

After a successful tour of Africa in summer of 2007, Marlon Asher is proud to release his new track “Scandals” which he is dedicating to the people of Kenya in this time of political and social crisis.

Asher visited Kenya in August 2007 and was given a warm reception by the people of Nairobi. In a spirit of peace, he is offering this song hoping that harmony is restored to the nation that greeted him with such love and respect.

Scandals is a spiritually soulful collaboration that seeks a peaceful submission in its message. A combination of Marlon Asher’s distinctive reggae style infused with the fortitude of the African people. The track, which was recorded in Uganda, features native Ugandan singers Henry Tigan and Empress Rita. The video  was also shot in Uganda at a sugar cane village just outside of Jinja and will be released February, 2008.

Marlon Asher is best known for his hit single “The Ganja Farmer”. Currently Marlon Asher is completing tracks to facilitate his long anticipated album release in 2008.

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