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Buju Banton on Higher Meditation Show Wed, June 3

The dancehall sensation Buju Banton guest stars the show Higher Meditation this week to talk his music and the recent release of his new album titled “Rasta Got Soul.” Everyone here at Bigupradio is very excited to have Buju back in the studio. Tune in this Wednesday and every Wednesday to hear Itation Sound spin the best reggae dancehall streaming online! ONE LOVE

About Buju Banton:

A descendant of the Maroons (the fierce freedom fighters who fended off attacks from the British colonial regiments) Buju was born Mark Anthony Myrie on July 15, 1973, the youngest of 15 children born to a higgler (market vendor) mother. Buju entered Jamaica’s musical fraternity in the mid-’80s and his career accelerated into high gear with the 1991 release of his debut album for Penthouse Records Mr. Mention; propelled by the hits “Love Mi Browning” and “Bogle,” in 1992 Buju broke Bob Marley’s record for the most number one singles in one year on the Jamaican charts.

At just 20 years old Buju’s 1993 release Voice of Jamaica (Mercury Records) was lauded for bringing astute social commentary to the dancehall on the hits “Operation Ardent” “Deportee” and the safe sex anthem, “Willy Don’t Be Silly”. Buju’s musical innovations continued with the Grammy nominated Til Shiloh, integrating lyrics reflecting his (then) recently cited Rastafari way of life with conventional reggae rhythms and computerized dancehall’s combustible energy especially on the singles “Murderer” and his self produced “Not An Easy Road” which played major roles in redirecting dancehall lyrics away from x-rated and violent imagery and towards positive themes. Find out more about Buju Banton here:

About Itation Sound:

Starting as a Sound System in 1998, Itation has moved forward to becoming a record label in 2007. Working mostly out of the Itation Studio in California, they have been able to collaborate with many artists who frequent the Bay Area.

Their first riddim was produced with the help of St. Croix reggae artist “Batch” and Executive Producer Daniel “Jah Mystic”. The riddim is called “Higher Meditation”, and is now out featuring other artists such as Sizzla, Jah Mason, Wayne Wonder, Anthony Cruz, and Freddie McGregor. Itation’s follow up riddim to the Higher Meditation, is called the “Show Love” riddim. It was produced with Jah Sun of More Love Productions. It has many wicked combinations, including Jah Sun’s big tune with Prezident Brown, “Show Love”. Other big artists on the riddim are, Gyptian, Norris Man & Pressure, Binghi Ghost & Luv Fyah, Lady Passion, Lutan Fyah, Natty King, Rocker T, Batch and many more. It was released in May 2008. Currently Itation is working on its next release to be released in the Summer of 2008. It was arranged by Tune In Crew from France. It features many big tunes by artists such as Sizzla, Pressure, Anthony Cruz, Jah Mason, Chezidek, Turbulence, Rocker T and Ras Matthew, just to name a few!

Right now Itation is getting ready to release a big big album with artist, Batch. The album has been recorded, mixed and produced by Danjres Will of Revolution Sounds & Royal Inity. It also will feature Batch’s song, “Righteously Striving”, from the Show Love Riddim. Be sure to check back soon to hear more about this project.



Mikey Pelpa tells ‘Mama Don’t Worry At All’

Mikey%20PelpaSinger Mikey Pelpa’s conscious single ‘Mama Don’t Worry At All’ on the Danger Zone Music Group and Untouchable Productions labels is touching the hearts of mothers around the world with its heart-rending lyrics that cut to the core of the struggles of a lot of mothers.

Mama don’t worry at all
Things will be better, oh oh
Mama don’t worry at all
I’m gonna make it better somehow

Pelpa sings of the plight of the struggling mothers and he captures it in the music video that was shot at various inner-cities, with scenes showing the struggles some mothers are going through to take care of their kids.

The music video, a Creative Vibes Production, was directed by Pelpa himself, with Dwayne Dwyer and Mikhail ‘Tin’ Williams as directors of photography.

The single ‘Mama Don’t Worry At All’ was produced by Roderick ‘Penny Bling’ Hamilton and Michael ‘Mikey Pelpa‘ Lynch, executive producer Delmar ‘Della’ Drummond, with instrumentals done by Equinoxx.

Working with producer Penny Bling, Mikey Pelpa has released several quality, positive tunes that have been getting international airplay. ‘Emergency’, his collaboration with Limey Murray, on the Jam Down rhythm for Danger Zone, is blowing up the airwaves and the internet. The music video for the single hit number three on the Tempo Cross Caribbean Countdown.

Pelpa later dropped ‘Parental Guide’ on the Cloud Nine rhythm, positively influencing the youths to never forget the good teachings they receive from their parents. ‘Say What U’ on Danger Zone’s Payback riddim was another big hit, leading into ‘What Kinda Livity Is This’, ‘A Nuh Money Mek I Know You’ and now ‘Mamma Don’t Worry At All’.

Pelpa has also been hitting up the stage show circuit, performing on several events.

Mikey Pelpa believes that his music will positively influence everyone who hears it. He wants to cause change and bring about worldwide “Unification Through Music”, in fulfilling the Danger Zone mission statement.

Check out more on Mikey Pelpa at, call: 1-876-351-5799, email:

Bescenta wants the world to ‘Hold A Joy’

Singer Bescenta wants the world to ‘Hold A Joy’ on the Uplifting Music International label. Dominating the international airwaves with his thought-provoking singles, the singer has been making the stage show rounds with labelmate Terry Linen, creating quite an impact.

Bescenta is now getting ready to release his album ‘Calm Down You Nerves’ on the UMI label, produced by Damion Allen, executively produced by UMI CEO Africa and distributed by Tad’s Records.

Check out the lyrics of ‘Hold A Joy.’

For bookings, call: 347-755-6218, 678-200-3465 and 876-376-8711.

TITLE: Hold A Joy
ARTISTE: Bescenta
WRITER: Bryden Wilkins
LABEL: Uplifting Music International

Wo yah wo hay hay oh loco is galectic
Yeah you know it’s Bescenta
With another one bomb
Nation wide wise yeah
The world need love
A only love can solve it holy high
A holy Emanuel high King Selassie
Selassie I.

For I a hold a joy
Mi come fi burn out the hate and the grudge
For I a hold a joy
Heights up the youths dem
An a show dem di love
For I a hold a joy
Mi people wi don’t need to fight
Fight heights up an meck we
Unite and hold a joy
Meck we hold a joy.

Verse 1
Hey, love is a beauty so mi define it
Meck we live it up live it
An nuh spoil it
A wi duty fi cherish an care it
Build it up build it up
Not to wear and tear it
The word is love
An a hope onu hear it
Spread the joy and
Give the place back a face lift
Buid it up build it up build it up
A weh dem go do how it go


Verse 2
Come cut yuhself
Red blood is all you’ll see
War against each other
Funeral it will be it will be
Don’t forget yuh rule
Land, air or sea earth rightful ruler
Still hold life key
Live up nuh give up on
Be the best yuh can be hey
Spread the love an meck the joy flow free
And give thanks for life and hail His Majesty.


Verse 3
Togetherness bring forth the progress
Division only bring things weh
Lawless mi sey world peace
So tell congress sey
The head of the stream dirty and
It is messing up the planet, hey
Look around us yuh si the fullness
The handy works of the Most High
Is accurate enough is here on Earth
Fi everyone get so there is no need
To fight for
I a hold a joy