Bescenta wants the world to ‘Hold A Joy’

Singer Bescenta wants the world to ‘Hold A Joy’ on the Uplifting Music International label. Dominating the international airwaves with his thought-provoking singles, the singer has been making the stage show rounds with labelmate Terry Linen, creating quite an impact.

Bescenta is now getting ready to release his album ‘Calm Down You Nerves’ on the UMI label, produced by Damion Allen, executively produced by UMI CEO Africa and distributed by Tad’s Records.

Check out the lyrics of ‘Hold A Joy.’

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TITLE: Hold A Joy
ARTISTE: Bescenta
WRITER: Bryden Wilkins
LABEL: Uplifting Music International

Wo yah wo hay hay oh loco is galectic
Yeah you know it’s Bescenta
With another one bomb
Nation wide wise yeah
The world need love
A only love can solve it holy high
A holy Emanuel high King Selassie
Selassie I.

For I a hold a joy
Mi come fi burn out the hate and the grudge
For I a hold a joy
Heights up the youths dem
An a show dem di love
For I a hold a joy
Mi people wi don’t need to fight
Fight heights up an meck we
Unite and hold a joy
Meck we hold a joy.

Verse 1
Hey, love is a beauty so mi define it
Meck we live it up live it
An nuh spoil it
A wi duty fi cherish an care it
Build it up build it up
Not to wear and tear it
The word is love
An a hope onu hear it
Spread the joy and
Give the place back a face lift
Buid it up build it up build it up
A weh dem go do how it go


Verse 2
Come cut yuhself
Red blood is all you’ll see
War against each other
Funeral it will be it will be
Don’t forget yuh rule
Land, air or sea earth rightful ruler
Still hold life key
Live up nuh give up on
Be the best yuh can be hey
Spread the love an meck the joy flow free
And give thanks for life and hail His Majesty.


Verse 3
Togetherness bring forth the progress
Division only bring things weh
Lawless mi sey world peace
So tell congress sey
The head of the stream dirty and
It is messing up the planet, hey
Look around us yuh si the fullness
The handy works of the Most High
Is accurate enough is here on Earth
Fi everyone get so there is no need
To fight for
I a hold a joy



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