Mikey Pelpa tells ‘Mama Don’t Worry At All’

Mikey%20PelpaSinger Mikey Pelpa’s conscious single ‘Mama Don’t Worry At All’ on the Danger Zone Music Group and Untouchable Productions labels is touching the hearts of mothers around the world with its heart-rending lyrics that cut to the core of the struggles of a lot of mothers.

Mama don’t worry at all
Things will be better, oh oh
Mama don’t worry at all
I’m gonna make it better somehow

Pelpa sings of the plight of the struggling mothers and he captures it in the music video that was shot at various inner-cities, with scenes showing the struggles some mothers are going through to take care of their kids.

The music video, a Creative Vibes Production, was directed by Pelpa himself, with Dwayne Dwyer and Mikhail ‘Tin’ Williams as directors of photography.

The single ‘Mama Don’t Worry At All’ was produced by Roderick ‘Penny Bling’ Hamilton and Michael ‘Mikey Pelpa‘ Lynch, executive producer Delmar ‘Della’ Drummond, with instrumentals done by Equinoxx.

Working with producer Penny Bling, Mikey Pelpa has released several quality, positive tunes that have been getting international airplay. ‘Emergency’, his collaboration with Limey Murray, on the Jam Down rhythm for Danger Zone, is blowing up the airwaves and the internet. The music video for the single hit number three on the Tempo Cross Caribbean Countdown.

Pelpa later dropped ‘Parental Guide’ on the Cloud Nine rhythm, positively influencing the youths to never forget the good teachings they receive from their parents. ‘Say What U’ on Danger Zone’s Payback riddim was another big hit, leading into ‘What Kinda Livity Is This’, ‘A Nuh Money Mek I Know You’ and now ‘Mamma Don’t Worry At All’.

Pelpa has also been hitting up the stage show circuit, performing on several events.

Mikey Pelpa believes that his music will positively influence everyone who hears it. He wants to cause change and bring about worldwide “Unification Through Music”, in fulfilling the Danger Zone mission statement.

Check out more on Mikey Pelpa at www.myspace.com/mikeypelpa, call: 1-876-351-5799, email: pennybling@gmail.com


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