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Fisherman Music’s ‘Roots & Rights’ Reggae Album Is Now Ashore

Various Artists - Roots & RightsFisherman Music has rowed to shore with a powerful, infectious Roots Reggae and Lovers Rock album of 22 songs entitled ROOTS & RIGHTS.

Netted with pure conscious and positive lyrics organically dressed and steamed or roasted with melodically addictive and lyrically, enchanting love songs.

Roots & Rights has arrived in the new millennium to educate and lift the spirit, while bringing all people together through REGGAE MUSIC.

This compilation album freshly released in Jamaica on a small independent label has generated a storm on major radio stations across the Island.

Roots & Rights features 22 fantastic artists including Warrior King, David King, Natty King, King Everol, Hyah Slyce, Ras Emmanuel, Fyahkin, Pablo Irie, True Blacks, Al Pancho, Israel, Kalvin Kristi, Elegance and many others.

Two songs have recently won “Big Tune” awards on ROOTS 91.6 FM, Kingston,

Jamaica – “What’s Your Verdict” is a showcase in which the listeners call in and vote for the best song. Congratulations to Kalvin Kristi and Ras Emmanuel for their historic contributions.

Roots & Rights release coincides in perfect timing with the State of Emergency in Jamaica, on May 23rd, 2010. The music foretold lyrically the civil events of that time.

Fisherman Music currently has 8 videos on Youtube/KINGRASTA1494 and 4 videos playing on Jamaican TV.


1. Love Is The Answer – Hyah Slyce
2. Love Shall Lead The Way – Natty King
3. Inna Di Gideon – David King
4. Come Over – Warrior King
5. Me & You – Elegance
6. You & Me – Chinna
7. A Want U – True Blacks
8. Ultamatum – Israel
9. A Jus Love – Ethiopia Di First
10. My Type – ”A” Dreece
11. Mama – Carter Wong
12. Nuh Send Nuh Gun – Ras Emmanuel
13. Mr Trigger Happy – Mr Whedha
14. Mr President – Anterauge
15. Everything AaaRight – Iritikal Powers
16. Inna Di Streets – Dolla Bill
17. Marijuana Healing – Fire King
18. Seek Jahovah – Al Pancho
19. Forever – Mach 10
20. Sweet Reggae Music – Kalvin Kristi
21. Reggae Is All I Got – King Everol
22. Give Jah Di Glory – Pablo Irie

Available Worldwide on iTunes!

All Praises Be Unto The Most High For His Wonderful Works.

Go check it out: it’s HOT HOT HOT !!!!



Shaggy Intoxicating At #1

Dancehall superstar’s new album ‘Intoxication’ debuts at #1 on the Billboard Reggae chart, positive reviews continue to roll in.

Next single “What’s Love” with hitmaker Akon

With an album “that merges catchy choruses with deep, fluid growls landing like smart bombs over irresistible beats” (Village Voice), 20-times platinum dancehall superstar Shaggy debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Reggae Albums chart with his new album ‘Intoxication’ (Big Yard/ VP Records). �The #1 bow is the fourth time Shaggy has hit the top of the Reggae charts.

The debut comes on the heels of critical acclaim for Intoxication,’ with People magazine raving club smash “Church Heathen” “ingeniously intermixes dancehall riddims and Gregorian chant.” ��The next single released will be the undeniable “What’s Love,” featuring hitmaking machine Akon. �Akon adds a silky smooth chorus to the track, as Shaggy deliberates leaving his girl for all the wrong reasons.

(Written By: Shore Fire Media)

Ghetto Youths Releases “Gang War Rhythm” featuring Damian Marley


All-Star One-Rhythm Compilation Set To Be Released Today

(NEW YORK, July 17, 2007) With eleven versions featuring fourteen of dancehall’s biggest names, the GANG WAR RHYTHM is the fresh, tough champion sound of Summer, 2007. Starring on this album are today’s masters of dancehall, including three-time Grammy winner Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, with his metaphoric “One Loaf of Bread (Something for You);” and two of the hottest newer hands in dancehall, hardcore singer Mavado and three-man vocal threatVoice Mail, joining Vybz Kartel.

A impressive roster of dancehall’s most-honored veterans also take part in the “Gang War” compilation, including Bad Boy recording artist Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Sizzla Kolonji, and Wayne Marshall. With its portentious symphonic depth, propulsive drumming and a nagging sampled woodwind hook, the “Gang War” rhythm has had DJs and dancers worldwide ringing the alarm from the dance floor ever since the first versions were released to the dancehall club underground earlier this spring.

The GANG WAR RHYTHM comes to the American hip-hop scene with an impeccable double pedigree: the creator of the rhythm is Trevor “Baby G” James, son and protege of Lloyd “King Jammy” James. Additionally, the album is released in the U.S. market by GHETTO YOUTHS INTERNATIONAL, and is run by two Bob Marley sons, Stephen and Damian. With brother Julian also on the roster, the Ghetto Youths International label is launching a major expansion of its market presence this year, with albums in preparation by reggae singing sensation Javaughn and world-renowned rapper Mr. Cheeks, to follow the GANG WAR RHYTHM compilation. The first album released through Ghetto Youths International’s U.S. distributor, Universal, was the 2002 Grammy-winning Halfway Tree, by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley.

The GANG WAR RHYTHM collection is completed with the instrumental of the original track, and a “Gang War Medley,” featuring album tracks “juggled” by Damian Marley and Baby G. An all-star video shot to the medley version is currently in production. The GANG WAR RHYTHM various-artists album is set to be released July 17, 2007 on Ghetto Youths International/Yard Vybes Entertainment, distributed by Universal.

GANG WAR RHYTHM Tracklisting:

1) Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – One Loaf of Bread (Something For You)

2) Bounty Killer – It’s Okay

3) Mavado – Me and My Dogs

4) Vybz Kartel featuring Voice Mail – Play Ting

5) Sizzla Kolonji – Too Much Gang War

6) Elephant Man featuring Wayne Marshall – Over Di Wall

7) Mr. Evil (Leftside) – Liar

8) Aidonia – MPs

9) Kibaki featuring Flexx – War Is On

10) Demarco – Story

11) Jagwa – Suffering

12) Gang War Instrumental

13) Gang War Medley (BONUS TRACK)

Reggae CD Review: Positively Nelsons – Wait A Minute

Album: Wait A Minute
Artist: Positively Nelsons
Genre: Roots
Label: Positive Nelsons
Jah Live (Dreadvibration Crew)
Rating: 5/5
Give thanx to di most high for granting di Nelson Sista’s di inspiration to set up yet another great album…Blessed!

Wait a minute is the second album by these sweet voiced Sisten, from St.Croix.

An mi haffi seh…I man love it….just like the first one called No More Tumbleweed (2005). I can hear how dem a grow from that time,but also that they had their share of problems/Difficulties/Hardship, as you can hear in the first tune of this album, which in a way is a biography (so very nicely done), but also a message to each an everyone who try fi pull dem down! Yuh all better know that them do what them a do…out of a passion, that HAS to come out! An I for one am a so happy that they utter their Irieness an Conciousness with their sweet Blessed innocent voices!

Bless yuh mi sistren an never give up yuh hear IJ
For with tunes like; A Father’s Role, Complexity of Life, Faith Is Up To You, A Love For Jah an many more di nelson sista’s a stand dem ground!  FI TRUE!

Check it, an find it to be more than worthy to be in yuh collection.

An know I Sistren, Jah truly on yuh side deh yuh hear…I Jahlive I seh soJ

I man Icerest an deepest love to yuh all.

I Jahlive I

Macka Diamond’s Money O

Money O! is the latest chance promotion from Supreme Ventures and who better to endorse it than the DJ who made that slang a household name Macka Diamond herself.

Macka Diamond has been signed to a one-year endorsement deal with Supreme Ventures promoting the Money O! game of chance. Lucky persons can win $70,000 every month for a year…well you just have to check that one out.

However, there is no chance when it comes to Macka consistency in finding winners. Her latest song ‘Hula Hoop‘ is mashing up the place. The song is receiving some crazy rotation on the stations. Not just in Jamaica but all over the Caribbean.

In her recent performances in Bahamas, St. Vincent and St. Martin fans are going crazy over the ‘Hula Hoop‘. In fact, Macka has been ‘forbidden’ to DJ this one as she dances it so well!

The video which started airing two weeks ago has been receiving favourable responses from viewers. On the recent Courts all island promotion Macka Diamond send fans crazy doing the dance.

This Christmas season there will be lots of times to take in the very popular female DJ as she has a very busy calendar. December 22, she will be in MoBay, Christmas eve, 24 she moves on to Esso Tiger Mart.

Christmas Day Macka heads for St. Elizabeth where she will be in action on GT Taylor’s Magnum Christmas Extravaganza the following day, Boxing Day, December

26 she is exclusively booked to appear on Teensplash at James Bond Beach. Macka will put a cap on the season on Richie Stephen’s Unity Splash on January 1 in Westmoreland.

TEL: JA. (876) 8775956
TEL: USA (347) 3945801